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Grateful Teacher

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is not just a dance convention but an experience that is hard to put in to words. This is one event that we rearrange our schedules to attend. As a teacher, it is comforting to know that my students cannot only enjoy themselves and be inspired, but they can walk away from this weekend being challenged in every area of themselves as a dancer. From their technique, to their expression, to their moments of power and stillness, they are growing. As a dancer, I look forward to this weekend every year. It's 3 days out of my busy schedule to stop and appreciate why I started dancing and be reminded of what made me fall in love with dancing. Every year I walk away grateful that I have the opportunity to attend and look forward to walking away refreshed.
Nicole Mueller

An Experience Like No Other

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is an experience like no other! It is the highlight of the year for most of our dancers. Our studio has been attending every single year for 10 years! Where else can you find excellent dance training, Godly teaching, a Broadway-worthy production, and a weekend of FUN? These folks are the REAL deal and they equip not only the dancers all weekend, but also pour into the dance parents and teachers. God is doing great things through Dance Revolution. I have seen my own dancers trust Jesus as their Savior at this event and I have been changed forever from these conventions.
Lori Boldt

The Most Beneficial Convention

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is easily the most beneficial convention that my students attend. Not only do the dancers spend a weekend growing closer to Jesus, they also get the opportunity to take classes from professional instructors from around the nation. Their staff's level of faith, professionalism, leadership and dance training is a cut above any other convention we've attended. DR is definitely a life changing experience for dancers and dance teachers!
Amanda Gilmore

Came as a Student, Back as a Teacher

July 16, 2015
Having attended Dance Revolution as a dancer in highschool and college, I knew I wanted to take my own students one day. I took my first group six years ago when I opened my studio and will continue to bring larger groups of parents and students every year. Dance revolution helps our parents and students see the big picture of where dance could take them one day and the positive impact it can have on people. The parents that attend leave with a greater appreciation of what we do. It helps them better respect us and value what we are teaching their children. The dancers leave inspired and challenged. I think the whole reason some join our company is to get the opportunity to perform at Dance Revolution!
The Faculty is incredible. Not only are they professionals and respected in the field, but they are great role models who love the Lord and encourage the students. Every class stretches the dancers technically, artistically, and physically while also encouraging their spirits. The teacher's classes are also incredibly valuable, refreshing, and inspiring!
Andrea Camacho
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