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The Immersion Tour I Dallas, TX I Full Recap

Take a peek at our Dallas location on The Immersion Tour!

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The Immersion Tour I Dallas, TX I Full Recap

Take a peek at our Dallas location on The Immersion Tour!

2022-23 Iconic Tour - Orlando

We love what God did at the Orlando stop on the Iconic Tour! We are truly forever changed. Come be a part of a Dance Rev tour stop near you!

2022-23 Iconic Tour - Winston-Salem

Check out our incredible weekend in Winston-Salem, NC for The Iconic Tour! God is moving in amazing ways at DR! Come be part of this life transformational dance convention.

2022-23 Iconic Tour - Dallas

Our Dallas stop on the Iconic Tour was one we will not soon forget! God moved in miraculous and marvelous ways. We already can't wait for next year!

2021-22 Dominion Tour Recap

The Dominion Tour was unlike any other tour we've experienced yet! We kicked off the tour season in Dallas and celebrated our 20+1 Anniversary. Come experience Dance Revolution!

2021-22 I The Dominion Tour I Winston-Salem

We LOVED being with our Winston-Salem attendees again after not seeing them for two years! This was a special location to celebrate all that God was doing in and through each dancer. Take a look at our full recap of Winston-Salem, NC weekend!

2021-22 I The Dominion Tour I Orlando

Orlando...we loved being with you at The Dominion Tour! You put on your crown of authority and there is no turning back! Take an inside peek at a Dance Revolution weekend!

2021 All Access Tour- Orlando Recap

Journey with us as we recap one of the best tour seasons yet! hold our hearts! Thank you for being amazing!

2021 All Access Tour- Dallas Recap

This tour was one to remember! With 2020 being a year unlike any other, this All Access tour was unlike anything we've ever seen! See what it was like at our first tour stop of the season...Dallas!

2019-20 The Unveiling Tour- Dallas Recap

Remembering our incredible time and moments at our first Unveiling tour stop...Dallas!

2019-20 The Unveiling Tour- Orlando Recap

Take a look at all the best moments of The Unveiling Tour at our Orlando tour stop!

2019-20 The Unveiling Tour- Winston-Salem Recap

Take an inside look at the amazing, life changing weekend we had in Winston-Salem, NC!

2019-20 The Unveiling Tour- Chicago Recap

We had a blast at our last tour stop of The Unveiling Tour! We can't wait to see what our 20th anniversary tour season will bring...The All Access Tour!

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