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Grateful Teacher

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is not just a dance convention but an experience that is hard to put in to words. This is one event that we rearrange our schedules to attend. As a teacher, it is comforting to know that my students cannot only enjoy themselves and be inspired, but they can walk away from this weekend being challenged in every area of themselves as a dancer. From their technique, to their expression, to their moments of power and stillness, they are growing. As a dancer, I look forward to this weekend every year. It's 3 days out of my busy schedule to stop and appreciate why I started dancing and be reminded of what made me fall in love with dancing. Every year I walk away grateful that I have the opportunity to attend and look forward to walking away refreshed.
Nicole Mueller

An Experience Like No Other

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is an experience like no other! It is the highlight of the year for most of our dancers. Our studio has been attending every single year for 10 years! Where else can you find excellent dance training, Godly teaching, a Broadway-worthy production, and a weekend of FUN? These folks are the REAL deal and they equip not only the dancers all weekend, but also pour into the dance parents and teachers. God is doing great things through Dance Revolution. I have seen my own dancers trust Jesus as their Savior at this event and I have been changed forever from these conventions.
Lori Boldt

The Most Beneficial Convention

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is easily the most beneficial convention that my students attend. Not only do the dancers spend a weekend growing closer to Jesus, they also get the opportunity to take classes from professional instructors from around the nation. Their staff's level of faith, professionalism, leadership and dance training is a cut above any other convention we've attended. DR is definitely a life changing experience for dancers and dance teachers!
Amanda Gilmore

Came as a Student, Back as a Teacher

July 16, 2015
Having attended Dance Revolution as a dancer in highschool and college, I knew I wanted to take my own students one day. I took my first group six years ago when I opened my studio and will continue to bring larger groups of parents and students every year. Dance revolution helps our parents and students see the big picture of where dance could take them one day and the positive impact it can have on people. The parents that attend leave with a greater appreciation of what we do. It helps them better respect us and value what we are teaching their children. The dancers leave inspired and challenged. I think the whole reason some join our company is to get the opportunity to perform at Dance Revolution!
The Faculty is incredible. Not only are they professionals and respected in the field, but they are great role models who love the Lord and encourage the students. Every class stretches the dancers technically, artistically, and physically while also encouraging their spirits. The teacher's classes are also incredibly valuable, refreshing, and inspiring!
Andrea Camacho

A Staple In the Calendar

July 16, 2015
Dance Revolution is a staple in our studio calendar. At the end of each year we survey our competitive dancers (and parents) and year after year they list DR as the highlight of the season, beyond competitions, recitals and more. The energy our dancers come back with is contagious throughout the studio and sets us on an upward path for the year!
Shanna Kirkpatrick


I have always had very bad anxiety that no one even my closest friends knew of. This weekend was making me especially anxious with a falling out among my team. On Sunday I felt really moved and asked for prayer. Hannah prayed for me and I felt my anxieties leaving. I felt more safe and courageous the whole day and have continued feeling that way. I can't thank God and DR enough
Anxious no longer

Our Studio Will Never Be the Same

Dance Revolution is absolutely one of the best things our studio has ever been a part of! Not knowing much about it, we took a chance on coming to DR Express in 2017 and were completely blown away...not only by the amazing faculty, class offerings, high caliber choreography, and FUN...but the power of the Holy Spirit is so present! Hearts are touched and lives are changed. Our students, teachers, and parents leave the weekend feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and challenged! Even though DR Express is a smaller time frame than the full DR convention, it doesn't feel that way because they pack SO MUCH into that time. We also love that at DR Express we get to interact with the staff and company members on a more personal level. We're looking forward to coming back and bringing even more students from our studio!!
Tina Cook
Colorado Springs, CO

Visual experience of the Holy Spirit moving over the entire room.

November 2016 in Orlando FL. I cannot recall how many we had with our group but our leader and her daughter that had previously been diagnosed with childhood cancer caught a stomach virus ...so as a co-teacher along with two other teachers attending the convention filled the gap. I knew it was a "Christian-based" convention but I did not expect anything memorable really ...This is, I guess where my story begins. I have known that Jesus is in control of my life from the moment I asked Him to come into my heart and save me from my sins , but I've always managed to somehow think I could take control of things myself....with His guidance of course . I was battling some questions in my head in my personal life with our 'blended " family and insecurities of that whole situation that was never intended to ever happen.and trying to "FIX" everybody and everything involved. Long story short, I had a video pass to record classes for dance purposes and during the last session anyone who wanted to participate was invited, observers and dancers. I almost did, but my insecurities held me back, so I decided to record instead. The lights were turned down low...I said to my co-teacher I can't really get a good picture on my phone...so I just put it down. The dancers and other people in the room were asked to form 9 circles. Then she said," Imagine if Jesus was in the middle of your circle and He said "Dance with me!"..."would you deny Him?"......When she said that, I was like, " WAIT!!!!!, I want to dance with Jesus!!!!" But what happened next was what he wanted me to really see. One child in every circle stepped in and danced and then they touched another and then they danced and then another and another until everyone in the circle had their chance , I and I watched my daughter across the room dance with HIM, I literally saw a wave -like motion over the room, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...and then it was like he said 'Watch THIS ....the circle that was in front of me, the Tribal Funk teacher was dancing in the middle, I had a vision of God's fingertip touching and setting the circle in motion and she and the circle of dancers started to spin. I will NEVER forget it. He is in Complete Control! And He loves me so much that He showed himself to me through the very gift He gave me...the ability to dance to Glorify HIM.
Kristin Pettis
Tifton, GA

God is Amazing

So my senior year of High School I tore a ligament in my shoulder and I was told by the doctors that it would not heal without surgery. Sunday morning after Deserted, I got prayer from Miss Anne-Marie and I was miraculously healed! I cannot thank God enough for everything that He has done through this convention.
Katherine Stevens
Winter Springs, Florida
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