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The DR Difference

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If you are looking for an experience that leaves you inspired, motivated and ready to take on new challenges in your dance . . . then you have come to the right place. We believe that we have the "answer" the dance world has been looking for. We provide excellence in the journey while seeking to help dancers see purpose within themselves. It will be 2 and a half days that will shift your gift! Dance Revolution Dance Conventions offer more classes and events then any other convention of its kind.

Dance Revolution has been traveling the country since 2001 transforming performing artists from city to city and changing the face of dance! How do we accomplish this? The core mission of who we represent is God and God alone.

There is a need for a "difference" and Dance Revolution dance conventions meets that call. Join us for our 2021-22 tour and see all the exciting things that we have to offer. This year's tour is entitled The Dominion Tour. We are celebrating our "20+1" Year Anniversary and you're invited to join the celebration all tour season! This is the year we will be taking it all back so get ready!

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